Montreux International Tourism Forum

recovery and trust

18 & 19 November 2021

at the Miles Davis Hall, 2m2c Montreux Music & Convention Centre

Montreux international tourism forum 2021

The global health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus is still having a major impact on tourism and the entire hospitality industry. But the first solutions have already been found and tested. Transformations are taking place. Travel still exists and will continue to exist, but it will be different in more ways than one, because this particular situation is in line with other questions and developments in particular with regard to sustainable development, increased environmental awareness and also the reactions of certain populations, vis-à-vis what they consider to be invasive. There is no doubt that, in this situation of transitions and structural and cyclical modifications, those responsible for the various tourism and hospitality sectors must meet and discuss possible developments and future changes to the known models. This is the aim of this forum Tourism, which is looking at developments in the tourism of tomorrow. Come and share your knowledge, your questions and your projects in an interactive Forum, both with the participants present and those who will be participating through an interactive online forum. Tourism needs your contributions. We look forward to welcoming you and your participation.

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