Montreux International Tourism Forum

Artificial intelligence

08 & 09 November 2023

J5 hotels Helvetie – Montreux

Montreux international tourism forum 2023

Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in human activities. The same applies to tourism. Whether it's for consulting or management, prevention or actions to be taken. As with every innovation, this brings both positive elements and additional risks. It's not a question of rejecting, but rather of better understanding and retaining the useful and important elements that will condition our ways of working and shape the tourism. At the same time, tourism continues to be impacted by a succession of current crises: geopolitical, health, financial, energy, climate, image, etc. Alongside these factors, we also need to take action at local and regional level. In the French-speaking part of Switzerland, this implies cross-border thinking, since the people who visit our areas do not intend to limit themselves to borders. Following the MITF 2022, various speakers from both sides of the border will give their opinions. The 2023 edition of the MITF will, as in previous editions, provide an opportunity to develop the essential reflections and exchanges of good practice needed to face and respond to all these new or renewed challenges. In this time of transition, the leaders of the various tourism and hospitality sectors need to get together and discuss possible developments and future changes to existing models.

Our 2023 partners

The Swiss Tourism Forum (FST)

The Swiss Tourism Forum (FST), organised by SECO, is a platform for dialogue and coordination created to strengthen coordination and cooperation in tourism policy and to provide targeted solutions to the challenges encountered in this field.
It has two components: an annual meeting of the same name, and thematic working groups, workshops and webinars.